Consumer Protection Law


Consumer Protection Law is increasingly emerging in more aspects of legal science and commerce. Complex and rapidly evolving laws, significant amendments and regulations relating to consumer protection are some of the challenges that our clients face in the area of Consumer Law. Businesses whether running an online shop or a physical store or providing services must meet minimum standards and increased requirements. Undoubtedly, Consumer Protection Law plays a significant role in the assessment of contracts with credit institutions as well as telecommunication and utility companies.

Having successfully handled a number of consumer-related court cases, we believe that preventing and properly preparing businesses, both at an advertising and a transaction level, is an investment for healthy co-operations and constant legal protection and for businesses, themselves.

Our Law Firm has successfully dealt with drafting of online terms & conditions in the context of web development in Greek and English, cooperation agreements, service and project contracting. We also provide tailor-made advice to business executives and credit intermediaries subject to the Joint Ministerial Decision Z1-699/2010.